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Folow us:

Happy Kids Timer

Who we are:

We are an open parents' community, making sure our children use smart devices not just to play games.

What we offer:

Happy Kids Timer is a quite unique parenting app that will become a "must" for any family with children. This free parenting and motivation app turns children's daily morning routines into game and fun.

What it does:

Do you struggle every morning to have your children get ready to face a long day?
The app offers a totally new approach to guiding your kids through their morning routines (waking up, making their beds, brushing their teeth … until they're ready to go),turning them into a funny game. Consider a free trial of this motivation app specially built for helping children have fun and get through their morning routines on time.

Our mission:

If the app just helps get you through a few mornings, our mission will have been accomplished, but our experience indicates children love it and will use it for months. Get a free app that includes all common morning activities and great motivation features.


  • Nice, original design
  • Music produced by: www.borologan.com
  • Simple to use - children userfriendly environment - tested months by our chidren
  • One slide or touch to jump to next activity
  • All usual morning routines in logic order
  • Smart motivation program - your child will improove to get certificate
  • Certificate just after one week of usage

Customize all settings

You can setup reward for your child to motivate him to finish all activities on time. The in-app purchase lets you actively participate in setting up the program. You choose the order of activities, time spent in each activity and the stars to be collected to receive a reward. Enabling or disabling activity will let you customize your Morning routines more precise.

Change girl to boy

You can change main character based on your child preferences

Add new custom activities

Expanding of activities allows you to add a photo and give your new activity a name (in settings). This feature allows you to customize Activities to your special needs.


By unlocking all settings you will be able to add a child's photo on the certificate to make it more personal. Child get a printable certificate after they have successfully accomplished all their activities by a certain entered time.